Brazilian hacktivists mistake NASA for NSA

Government (U.S.) // United States

Protesters angry that the U.S. intelligence agency allegedly hacked Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff's emails picked the wrong target for their retaliation.

They hacked NASA’s web page and left the message: “Stop spying on us.”

Officials at the space agency confirmed that a Brazilian hacker group last week posted a political message on a number of NASA websites.

"At no point were any of the agency's primary websites, missions or classified systems compromised," said Nasa spokesman Allard Beutel.

The cyber assault followed recent disclosures by ex-NSA contractor Edward Snowden that the NSA spied on Rousseff's communications and on the state-run energy company Petrobras.

She postponed a state visit to Washington in disapproval over the alleged cyber snooping on her country.

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