Video: Analyzing Genetic Data From the Space Station

NASA astronaut Jeff Williams

NASA astronaut Jeff Williams NASA/AP

Analyzing astronaut DNA could be the key to fixing health problems that occur in the micro-gravity environment.

Among its other functions, the International Space Station is a scientific laboratory. During a typical 6-month period, about 800 researchers from around the globe run 250 to 300 experiments onboard the ISS.

One recent experiment broke the mold. One researcher, Scott Smith, was able to publish the data from a genetic analysis of ISS astronauts.

"This analysis is really the first use of genetic data onboard the space station," Station Deputy Chief Scientist Kirt Costello said.

Analyzing astronaut DNA could be the key to fixing some health problems that occur because of the micro-gravity environment, like bone loss and vision problems. Solving these health problems is key for future manned space missions.

To learn more, check out the video below from NASA: