Video: These Crazy Biometrics Are Now in Your Car

Cars might soon drive for us and monitor our health.

Cars might soon drive for us and monitor our health. Koji Sasahara/AP

Your car seat might soon act as a Fitbit... for your backside.

Up until now, car seats have performed one function: keeping you comfy while you commute. Now, car manufacturers are giving them a lot more responsibility.

Faurecia has developed what it calls "Active Wellness Seat Technology," where medical-grade-sensors previously found in hospitals to monitor patients are embedded into the driver's seat. These sensors record things like your heart rate and respiration, and they use an algorithm can even determine your mood. If a driver is stressed, the seat could respond accordingly with a relaxing massage.

In the event of a crash, these sensors in the car could actually send up-to-the minute information about your vitals to first responders, which could help save lives. 

Additionally, the Advanced Institute of Industrial Technology in Tokyo is developing similar sensors that could be used for security purposes, essentially measuring the contours of the driver's rear end to create a "buttprint." These sensors ensure that only the owner and driver has access to the car.

To learn more about these car seat biometrics, check out the video below from CNET