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Who Actually Uses Google+? Techs

Margarethe Wichert/AP

A new survey of Google+ users reveals that the earnest social media also-ran is inhabited by people who work in IT, people who are self-employed, and people who like to describe themselves as “decision makers.” In other words, if Facebook is for moms and Twitter is for journalists, Google+ is where the engineers hang out.

Nearly a third of people who self-identify as IT workers are using Google+GlobalWebIndex

This might help answer the fundamental question of who is using Google+. But given that the site remains little different from Facebook, it doesn’t quite answerwhy people are using it. Some have said that Google+ is less noisy than Facebook, and that the level of discourse is “higher” than on Facebook. But that could just be engineer-speak for “fewer baby and cat pictures.”

Full time parents and the divorced are among the least likely to use Google+.GlobalWebIndex

The list of who isn’t using Google+ lends some credence to this theory. Full-time parents and the divorced are among the least well represented on Google+, and at least one of those groups is going to be mostly moms.

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