Pentagon Moves 10,000 Email Accounts to DISA Cloud


Southern Command moves an additional 2,000 users.

More than 10,000 email accounts in the Office of the Secretary of Defense and 2,000 in the U.S. Southern Command have moved to a cloud-based Defense Department Enterprise Email service, or DEE, run by the Defense Information Systems Agency.

DEE consolidates traditional segmented email systems into a singular system, facilitating operational and financial efficiencies. Last month Pentagon Chief Information Officer Teri Takai designated DEE as an enterprise service and directed all Defense components to develop a DEE plan within 120 days.

DEE's Global Address List contains the professional contact information for every Common Access Card holder in Defense and has the ability to share, view and validate calendar information, DISA said. DEE eliminates costs associated with redundant email infrastructures, freeing up agency resources to focus on other mission critical functions within their organizations, DISA said.

The Army completed its shift of 1.43 million unclassified email accounts and 115,000 classified accounts to DEE in August and said it expected to save $76 million this year and $380 million through 2017 by using the DISA cloud rather than running its own email systems. 

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