With a week to go before the election, techies prefer Obama

Support for the president among technology professionals has fallen since 2008, but remains strong.

Voters are just one week away from going to the polls and casting their ballots for the 2012 Presidential race. So which candidate are technology professionals choosing as the best choice for addressing their issues?

A survey of more than 2,000 technology professionals by Dice.com found that while support for President Barack Obama among tech pros has dropped substantially, he is still the candidate they trust most. Forty-five percent said Obama was the best candidate for tech professionals, compared to 37 percent who said Mitt Romney was the best candidate.

Obama’s support among tech professionals is drastically different from what it was during the 2008 race, however, Dice found. At that time, 63 percent of tech professionals said Obama was the best candidate, compared to 27 percent who favored Sen. John McCain.

Who do you think is the best candidate for federal technology professionals? How significant is that issue to your vote?