IRS is developing a tool to assess IT skills

Treasury IG recommended the agency’s CTO create a skills inventory for each position.

The Internal Revenue Service is developing a new tool to assess the skills of its information technology workforce, largely because a recent report found the agency needs to do a better job documenting the capabilities of its IT workers.

Federal News Radio reports that the Treasury Inspector General For Tax Administration recommended that IRS’ chief technology officer create an inventory list of the skills needed for each IT position, as well as a process for evaluating the skills of IT workers.

The Treasury IG also recommended that IRS begin forecasting the types of skills the IT workforce will need in the next three to five years.

As a result, IRS is now developing an IT workforce tool to collect information on the skills and areas of expertise of IT staff, as well as ratings based on IT employees’ self assessments.

This seems like a great effort on the part of the IRS, but shouldn’t agencies already be effectively evaluating the current and future skills needed, particularly among their IT staff? A recent report by the American Council for Technology and Industry Advisory Council found that there is often a disconnect between federal human resources officials and IT leaders over what measures are effective for bringing on the next generation of IT leaders.

What are your thoughts? Does your agency adequately evaluate their inventory of IT skills – not only the skills held or needed now but also those needed in the future?