Do You Welcome Innovation Fellows?

Let us know what you think the new program will mean for you and your agency.

The White House on Thursday announced the 18 fellows who will be assisting federal agencies and employees with some innovative projects over the next six months. Those projects range from creating an online marketplace that will make it easier for government to do business with small high-growth tech companies to expanding open data initiatives to make government information more publicly accessible.

“As everybody knows, innovation starts somewhere. … It came out of a discussion, was provoked by an observation or was inspired by a thought,” Office of Personnel Management Director John Berry said during an event Thursday at the White House. “And innovation is only worthwhile if it benefits somebody: it makes people’s lives better, it makes their lives easier, or it makes their lives longer. And we can’t forget that from end to end, there is always a human element in innovation.”

My colleague Joseph Marks has more on the Presidential Innovation Fellows program launch here.

What are your thoughts on this new program, and how will it change the way you and your agency work to innovate and solve problems?