Lockheed Martin and Raytheon square off over mobile tactical radar program


Air Force looks to procure 19 air traffic control surveillance radar systems.

Defense contractors Lockheed Martin Corp. and ARINC submitted a joint proposal July 30 for a portable air traffic control radar system that will allow Air Force and Air National Guard units to establish tactical military or disaster-relief airfield operations quickly, Defense Systems reported.

They will compete against Raytheon, which submitted its proposal earlier this month for the Air Force’s Deployable Radar Approach Control program. Under the contracting program, the Air Force is looking to procure 19 modular air traffic control surveillance radar systems, which can be in used within 48 hours by C-130 aircraft and take less than six hours to set up.

The new systems will replace older systems that have been increasingly difficult to maintain, according to the report. The total program value is expected to be more than $400 million.