Desk Phones and PCs Go The Way of The Dinosaur

CIOs predict your future office will look very different.

CIOs are predicting that within a few years, your desk or office could look much different.

According to a new study by Virgin Media Business, nearly two-thirds of CIOs expect the desk phone to disappear from every day use within the next five years, and 62 percent predict that PCs will disappear or become redundant, TechRepublic reports.

At the same time, smartphones were seen by CIOs as the least likely to disappear from work use, with just 13 percent predicting their demise. But IT leaders still need some convincing about tablets, with nearly one-quarter of CIOs expecting the devices to fall from popularity.

The predictions are no surprise, particularly given the new bring your own device, or BYOD, trend in government and the private sector, where workers can opt to use their personal devices in lieu of agency-issued equipment.

What other tech devices do you believe will become obsolete at your agency within the next five years, particularly as more agencies embrace more telework and BYOD? Is your phone and desktop PC already becoming obsolete?