The Players

These five companies are leading identity-solutions contractors for various programs by federal, state, and local governments.

Lockheed Martin

Business: Identity-solutions systems integration

Contracts: Justice Department next-generation identification systems; DHS Transportation Worker Identification Credential program; Registered Traveler

Power play: More than $10 million in lobbying activity in 2007

L-1 Identity Solutions

Business: Identity-solutions systems integration; multimodal biometrics

Contracts: Defense Department and intelligence biometrics; passports; secure documents

Power play: Board members include former CIA Director George Tenet and former DHS Deputy Secretary James Loy


Business: Driver's licenses; secure documents

Contracts: State enhanced driver's licenses; Real ID

Power play: Plans to merge with L-1 Identity Solutions

Cross Match Technologies

Business: Multimodal biometrics

Contracts: Defense Department biometrics

Power play: Hired James Ziglar, former INS commissioner, as president and CEO

Cogent Systems

Business: Fingerprint and palm biometrics

Contracts: US-VISIT; federal, state, and local law enforcement

Power play: Flies under the radar

Source: National Journal; Center for Responsive Politics