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Sara Morrison

CIO Briefing

Phoenix VA Director Put on Leave After Secret Wait List, Patient Death Allegations

A House Committee for Veteran's Affairs hearing earlier this month revealed that 40 vets may have died while waiting for care.


Brazil Is About To Have an Internet Bill of Rights

This first-of-its-kind bill spells out internet users' rights to access and privacy.


Obama's Changes to Phone Metadata Collection Gets Nod From Secret Intelligence Court

NSA will have to go before a judge and present evidence before collecting the data.

Emerging Tech

Google's Mystery Barge Got in Trouble

The San Francisco Bay Conservation and Development Commission ruled that the barge's construction was never authorized.


The NSA Can Get You Offline, Too -- With Radio Waves

According to a new report, the NSA has developed technology that can access computers through these waves.

Emerging Tech

Harvard Says Our Space Rocks Are Worthless

Study says very few asteroids in our solar system are worth mining.


Should the Feds Be Paying More Attention to Data Brokers?

Lawmakers look at the business of selling very private information about you.

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