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Robert J. Guerra


Guerra: Performance-based acquisition is not working

OMB may be praising agencies' progress on using such contracts, but they are just the same prescriptive contracts with a new name.


Guerra: Quit the monopoly talk

Rather than trying to grab successful contracts, GSA should seek to emulate their success


Guerra: Drop the protest

With the nation at war, companies' AKO protestors are wasting time.


Ask the right questions

With the flurry of seat management articles lately, I can't help but wonder if the federal information technology community will ever 'get it' when it comes to how best to use this powerful resource.

Digital Government

Gaining perspective on seat management

Every summer it seems one issue crops up and takes the information technology community by storm. A few years ago, discussions centered on the new procurement rules: Were the new rules too radical? Could industry compete effectively under these rules? Would prices increase? Over time, reason prevai

Digital Government

A first-hand look at the value of oral proposals

Two years ago Steven Kelman raised one of his offthewall ideas for improving the acquisition process. He suggested to me that oral proposals would be a major part of future procurements and that I should get ready for it. I responded by explaining to him why that couldn't work in the indefinited