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Peter Buxbaum


DIA embraces Web 2.0

Wikis, RSS feeds and mashups are among the favored tools of information sharing.


COIs: Too much of a good thing?

Some say the proliferation of communities of interest could stymie information sharing.


DOD IG: Failures in NetCents jeopardize classified info

Air Force users did a poor job of addressing IT security in task orders, the IG says.


Human barriers still holding back full information sharing

Current and former Defense and intelligence officials say organizational and technical elements must be better integrated.


Navy rethinks its approach to collecting, sharing data

While patrolling the Persian Gulf, the Navy is amassing larger than ever amounts of information and must figure out the best way for the military and its partners to use it.


Air Force opens up to non-proprietary software

Senior procurement official advocates using open standards, open source and open data interfaces.


House committee passes Defense Authorization bill

Lawmakers slash funding for Future Combat Systems and the Joint Network Node.


DOD struggles with incompatible data

A multiagency working group says DOD must focus on emerging technologies that address the problem.


GAO to seek FISMA changes

Should agencies spend less time reporting on security and more time monitoring it?


Pentagon to use VOIP

Under a $18.4 million contract, General Dynamics will design and install the new telecommunications system.


Army Corps of Engineers reshapes IT management

With the A-76 competition finally settled, the Corps will take central control of its information technology infrastructure under two directorates.


Army CIO to issue 500-day plan

The latest plan will seek to “institutionalize LandWarNet throughout the Army,” said Army deputy CIO Vern Bettencourt.


Lawmakers press State, Commerce on cyber break-ins

The chairman of a House Homeland Security subcommittee confronted a State Department official about whether the department had responded appropriately to a computer system intrusion last year.


Army considering adding cyberspace to tactical domains

The Army may follow the Air Force’s lead in setting up a command to defend cyberspace.


DKO losing out in battle for funding

The Defense Knowledge Online portal is near capacity with 1.9 million users, and the services are kicking in less money than expected.