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Sked can help DOD out of contracting mess

The early results of government procurement reform are slowly coming in. While the picture being painted is one of a streamlined, more efficient and entrepreneurial acquisition system, some feel that the Defense Department has painted a mustache on its own procurement reform masterpiece. Thankfully

Digital Government

Small Business Administration gets it wrong on GSA schedules

A recent case involving the General Services Administration's multipleaward schedule (MAS) program demonstrates that the Small Business Administration, which is usually the champion of entrepreneurs and others attempting to start or maintain small businesses, can sometimes miss seeing the forest f

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Agencies reap benefits of `new' GSA sked program

'N avy awards BPAs for shipboard tech ' 'Army opts for BPAs to buy software peripherals chips ' 'Treasury picks 7 for database net BPAs.' These headlines or ones very much like them appear weekly in IFederal Computer Week/I Across the board federal buyers are discovering that purchasing from the Ge