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Matt Vasilogambros

Matt Vasilogambros
Matt Vasilogambros is a policy writer for National Journal, covering foreign affairs, the White House and Congress. He previously covered the 2012 presidential election and other federal elections for the National Journal and The Hotline. Before joining the company, Matt covered politics for, the Iowa Independent and the Huffington Post. Matt is a graduate of Drake University, where he served as editor-in-chief of the award-winning student newspaper. He is a native of Arlington Heights, Ill.

Iran's Own Internet

The country has been blocking certain websites for more than a decade. Now, it’s creating an intranet entirely Iranian.


What Private Information Did Uber Give the Government?

The ride-sharing service has released its first-ever transparency report, detailing the user and driver data it provided to local and state regulatory agencies.

Emerging Tech

Will Your Facebook Friends Make You a Credit Risk?

The social-media giant just patented a system that can calculate credit-worthiness based on your friends’ credit scores.

CIO Briefing

These Teenage Girls Are Ready to Change the Male-Dominated Aerospace Industry

Currently, only 24 percent of aerospace professionals are women.

Emerging Tech

D.C.’s Top Google Searches for 2013 Are So D.C.

Results show Washingtonians are searching for today's top news and ways to escape from work.

IT Modernization

Cash Is Dead. Are Credit Cards Next?

Tech start-ups across the country offer new ways for payment, which could make carrying credit cards a thing of the past.

CIO Briefing

Obama: 'I Was Not Informed Website Wasn't Working'

Obamacare Fix Allows Outdated Insurance Plans Through 2014

IT Modernization

Website Connects Drunk People With Random Lawmakers

Want a solution to the government shutdown? Try drunk dialing Congress.

CIO Briefing

U.S. Providing Aircraft That Afghans Can't Fly

Defense also awarded a $550 million contract to a Russian agency that provides aircraft to Syria.

Emerging Tech

Commercial rockets free up NASA resources, official says

Tuesday launch marks the start of profit-driven space flight.

CIO Briefing

Pentagon ramping up cyberweapon development