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Jana Cranmer


Tech outpaces Section 508 standards

Standards committee expects to update Section 508 for easier compliance.


Thrift Investment Board awards contract for form processing

Under the $16 million contract, SI International will provide business outsourcing services for the board’s Thrift Savings Plan.


Section 508 update to build on existing standards

The Section 508 Refresh will further specify how federal agencies are expected to make IT accessible to people with disabilities.


Survey: Customers less satisfied with agency Web sites

Heightened customer expectations based on rapid private-sector Web site improvements and popular formats that do not apply to government agencies are to blame.


GSA tries sweetening telework with new federal regulations

The agency clarified security requirements for teleworkers and reduced agencies’ equipment burdens for off-site workers.


Congress pressures agencies to improve E-FOIA compliance

House and Senate bills focus on improving the efficiency and transparency of E-FOIA.


Survey: Feds faster to adopt telework than private sector

Federal agencies are beating the private sector in adopting telework through legislation, continuity of operations planning and employee enthusiasm.


Survey: Agencies fail to meet E-FOIA mandate

Only one-fifth of agencies fully comply with the law by providing access to four categories of records, according to a recent survey by the National Security Archive.


GSA releases telework guidelines

GSA’s Office of Governmentwide Policy offered advice for agencies to use information technology and communications efficiently and effectively, and comply with teleworking laws.


New group to coordinate homeland security intelligence

The group's analysts will not generate alerts or warnings, but will provide strategic assessments of threats and disseminate them through established routes.


Survey: Reliability more important than transportability to feds

Despite the government’s attempts to encourage teleworking, a recent survey of 388 federal IT managers revealed a greater need for network reliability than for transportability.

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Agencies begin a year of fiscal dieting

Most federal agencies will operate in 2007 under an unusual continuing resolution.


OMB to agencies: No more pork

Departments operating under the continuing resolution should not spend money on earmarks that are not in legislation in fiscal 2007, Office of Management and Budget Director Rob Portman said.


First Source contracts hit the street

DHS selects eleven small businesses to provide commodity IT products through the program, which could be worth $3 billion over five years.