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IT Modernization

Thailand’s Bitcoin Ban Is Not Quite What it Seems

The country's the central bank did not ban Bitcoin outright.

IT Modernization

'Phantom Downloads' Are Apple’s Latest App Store Headache in China

The mysterious downloads may be the work of an app-promotion company that gained access to user accounts.

IT Modernization

No Wonder China Is Worried About Android -- NSA Helped Write Its Source Code

That explains why China is so eager to encourage alternative smartphones within its borders.

IT Modernization

Thailand Is Buying Record Numbers of Smartphones, but It’s Facebook that People Really Want

Almost 3 million smartphones were sold in Thailand in just the first four months of this year.

IT Modernization

Apple and Samsung are Fighting Tooth and Nail, but Chinese Smartphone Makers Should Worry Them

In an effort to take on the rest of the world, those rivals are leveraging huge domestic demand.

IT Modernization

SoftBank’s Contentious Bid for Sprint Nextel Finally Gets U.S. Government Approval

The deal was put on hold over fears that SoftBank’s ties to Chinese manufacturers would endanger national security

CIO Briefing

China’s Bird Flu Has Been Conquered—at Least For Now

The total number of infections has not increased since the tally hit 131 on May 8 (including one in Taiwan) but China, and the rest of the world, are not out of the danger zone yet.


Chinese Spy or Not, Don't Download Porn Onto a NASA Laptop

Bo Jiang was fired in January for taking a NASA laptop on holiday to China and shortly afterwards named a threat to national security.