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Clare Foran

Clare Foran
Clare Foran is an associate editor at The Atlantic. Her writing has appeared in The Atlantic Cities, Philadelphia City Paper and NPR's science and technology blog, All Tech Considered. Clare is originally from Buffalo, N.Y., and graduated from the University of Pennsylvania with a B.A. in History.

Can Trump Fix Government by Running It Like a Business?

Past administrations have attempted reform by taking cues from the private sector with mixed results.

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The Rise of the Internet-Addiction Industry

Treatment centers are opening across the U.S., but mental-health experts still disagree on whether excessive time on the Web qualifies as a disorder.


President Obama and Chinese President Xi Jinping Announce Cybersecurity Agreement

The two leaders spoke at a joint press conference Friday afternoon.

IT Modernization

The Energy Department Wants to Make Your Phone Charger More Efficient

DOE estimates that new standards will put close to $4 billion back in the pockets of American consumers.

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U.S. to Achieve Energy Independence by 2035

Surges in domestic oil and gas output will spur a 75 percent drop in oil imports and a rise in liquefied natural-gas exports, report says.

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Methane Hydrate Could Be the Energy Source of the Future

Shale has the spotlight for now, but another, lesser-known substance has the potential to yield even greater quantities of natural gas.

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Tax Credit for Wind Energy Is Truly Up in the Air

The wind-production tax credit is set to expire at the end of this year.

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EPA Lowers Renewable-Fuels Target for 2014

Backers of the renewable-fuel standard say that biofuels increase U.S. energy security, but critics say the problems outweigh the benefits.

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Ethanol Producers Nervously Await EPA Ruling on 2014 Target

Biofuels producers and gasoline refiners are poised to pounce on next year’s renewable-fuel standard, no matter where EPA sets requirements.