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Amy X. Wang

CIO Briefing

Five Skills Everybody Will Need For the Jobs of the Future

In a few years’ time, traditional office employees all over will need a new path forward.

CIO Briefing

All The Ways Women Are Still Discriminated Against in STEM

Three-quarters of women in computer jobs said they have experienced gender-related discrimination.

CIO Briefing

Tim Cook Says It’s Better to Learn to Code Than Learn English as a Second Language

He added that programming encourages students of all disciplines to be inventive and experimental.


Spotify is Now Deciding What Music is Politically Acceptable for Listening

Over the last few days, Spotify removed many acts with material that "favors hatred or incites violence against race, religion, sexuality, or the like."

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The Complete Guide to Noise-Canceling in Open Offices and Other Hectic Spaces

There are ways to cancel out the chaos and make noise-free work your resolution for the year.

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US Is Going to Let Foreign Students Stay Longer—If They Studied STEM

Tech companies have long argued for immigration reform to let in more skilled workers.

CIO Briefing

Female Coders Are Rated More Highly Than Men—Except When People Know They’re Women

This only adds to the avalanche of research on gender discrimination within the technology sector.

IT Modernization

More Americans Use Mobile Devices to Access the Internet

Roughly 33 percent of Americans today do not have broadband service at home.


Wikipedia Loses Suit Over NSA Spying Because It Couldn't Prove the NSA Spying

Ever since Edward Snowden dropped details on the National Security Agency’s extensive mass surveillance programs in 2013, the group has been hit by lawsuit after lawsuit.

IT Modernization

How US Intelligence Can Hack Your Smartphone, According to Snowden

Sending just one text can enable the UK and the US to furtively take over someone’s smartphone.

CIO Briefing

Why Did NSA Write Security-Themed ‘Love Notes’ on Twitter?

The agency's love notes reflect the growing use of social media by U.S. government agencies—with varying degrees of effectiveness—for self-promotion.