Microsoft Threatened to Stop Hosting the Alt-Right’s Favorite Social Network

The company didn't want to host language that could incite violence.

Wikipedia, the Last Bastion of Shared Reality

The culture wars are coming for the best utopian project of the early internet. Can it survive the informational anarchy that’s disrupted the rest of media?

Cloud-Based Mapping Could Play a Bigger Role in Disaster Response This Hurricane Season

Localities are using maps to visualize hazards, process damage imagery and crowdsource flood information.

The Government Needs Better Data to Stop Election Meddling

Tech companies must be more forthcoming as misinformation campaigns ramp up before the midterm elections, internet researchers said.

Satellite Imagery + Social Media = A New Way to Spot Emerging Nuclear Threats

A research team is training computers to find and fuse clues from wildly different rivers of digital data.

Something Is Wrong at Facebook

But that doesn’t mean the company is doomed.

Facebook’s Fight Against Bad Content Is a Mess

The company has been saying for a while that misinformation doesn’t intrinsically violate the platform’s standards.

The Elon Musk Impersonators of the Internet

For cryptocurrency scammers, imitation is the sincerest form of fraud.

Mark Zuckerberg Keeps Forgetting About Humans

His consistent use of computer programming jargon reveals a lot about his leadership approach.

Google, Facebook, Microsoft and Twitter Unite to Make More Portable Data

The tech companies are joining forces to allow users to download and transfer data more easily.

Why Facebook Wants to Give You the Benefit of the Doubt

Mark Zuckerberg’s remarks about Holocaust denial once again showed Facebook’s optimism about human nature.

Bill to Block Feds' Personal Email, Social Media Access Advances

The bill would authorize agency leaders to block any website for cybersecurity reasons without negotiating with unions.

How Regulators Are Dealing with Antitrust Laws and Data Privacy

When people turn over data to "pay" for Facebook's services, are they getting a good deal?

Can Sacrificing Privacy Stomp Out Disinformation Online?

One way to ward off bad actors could be more information sharing between social-media platforms, researchers, and governments.

Reddit's Case for Anonymity on the Internet

The site’s head claims that the policy of not collecting personal information allows people to be “more true to themselves.”