Twitter Testing Out Encrypted Messaging

The new feature could transform direct messaging on the platform.

Facebook Is Exploring a Subscription Fee

The company has looked into offering a service like this before.

Twitter Is Telling All of its Users to Change Their Passwords

The passwords of every account—all 336 million of them—have been exposed in an internal log.

Facebook’s New Data Sharing Policies, Translated So a 13-Year-Old Can Understand

A breakdown of the biggest takeaways from Facebook’s new terms of service, including its data and privacy policies.

A Facebook Co-Founder Says Facebook Should Pay Us For Our Data

“Data is the common wealth that we’re all creating for the future century."

Facebook Has Revealed the Hyper-Specific Internal Rules It Uses to Police Content

The company is publishing updated “Community Standards” that spell out for users exactly what they are allowed to post, and what is forbidden.

The Man Who Harvested Facebook Data for Cambridge Analytica Doesn’t Think He Affected the 2016 Election

Aleksandr Kogan, the Cambridge University academic who created the app that helped the data analysis firm obtain the personal information of millions, finally speaks out.

Facebook Attempts to Limit Reach of EU Privacy Law

About 1.5 billion Facebook users around the world could see some changes to their terms of service.

The Resume of the Future Will Tell Employers Who You Are, And Not Just What You’ve Done

Currently, Resumes force job seekers to contort their work and life history into corporately acceptable versions of their actual selves.

The Dot-Coms Were Better Than Facebook

Twenty years ago, another high-profile tech executive testified before Congress. It was a more innocent time.

There's No Better Time to Pass Privacy Laws, Experts Say

Tech companies, experts argued, aren’t really going to police themselves.

Lawmakers Question FBI’s Push for Backdoors in Encrypted Devices

They also push a wave of privacy bills post-Facebook’s Hill visit.