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Which Country has the Best Cybersecurity? It Isn’t the U.S.

A study says the U.S. is above average when it comes to cybersecurity, but it’s not the best nation.

The History of Women in Science Is Hidden in Plain Sight

By searching through footnotes, researchers found female programmers who made important but unrecognized contributions to genetics.

Researchers: Flaws In Vendor Security Software Could Leave Some Federal Buildings Vulnerable

Poor credential management could let bad actors enter secure buildings, lock doors and download or change federal employee and contractor data.

Election Security is a Key Part of House Democrats' Reform Bill

H.R. 1 would codify many of the security measures lawmakers have pushed for the last two years.

Pentagon Researchers Test 'Worst-Case Scenario' Attack on U.S. Power Grid

Over 100 people gathered off the tip of Long Island this month to roleplay a cyberattack that takes out the U.S. electric grid for weeks on end.

NIST Teams Up with IBM’s Watson to Rate How Dangerous Computer Bugs Are

The artificial intelligence program will replace tedious work done by human analysts.

Where Are All the Threat Hunters?

Fewer than a fifth of organizations have a dedicated threat hunting team.

DOD Invests $34 Million in Hack the Pentagon Expansion

The new contract adds a third vendor and allows agencies to tap pre-vetted hackers throughout a product’s life cycle.

Voting Experts: Why the Heck Are People Still Voting Online?

At least 100,000 online ballots—including the votes of overseas military personnel—were cast in 2016.

GAO: Vulnerabilities Plague 'Entire Generation' of U.S. Weapons Systems

Defense officials were often unaware of vulnerabilities and didn’t notice they were being exploited.

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Hackers Report Cites ‘Staggering’ Vulnerabilities in U.S. Voting Systems

The report from DEF CON’s Voting Village found one bug that alone could flip the Electoral College. Another has gone unfixed for 11 years.

Facebook Introduces Bug Bounty Program For Third-Party Apps

The company will accept reports discovered from passive viewing only.

Senate-Passed Bill to Hack DHS Heads to House Floor

The bill would create the first departmentwide bug bounty in the civilian government.

Ransomware Strikes Launched a Cyber Cleansing Program at Transportation

The Transportation Department started with a bug hunting campaign that turned up unexpected vulnerabilities in headquarters computer systems.

Hackers Target Marines for Pentagon's Latest Bug Bounty

“Hack the Marine Corps” kicked off with a live-hacking event in Las Vegas.

GSA Adds to Sweeping Bug Bounty Program

Participants can win between $150 and $5,000 for each bug they find.