Cyber Adversaries

The Art (Not Science) of Deepfakes

Modern machine-learning technology brings deepfakes within reach of anyone.

Lawmakers Seek to Punish Robocallers with Prison Time

New bipartisan legislation aims to help Americans feel it’s safe to answer their phones again.

Report: China’s Closing the Innovation Gap

Experts say the United States needs its own robust national strategy to compete in advanced technologies.

The Promise and Limitations of AI in Cybersecurity

In the cybersecurity arena, hype runs deep, and AI is no exception.

Installing Chinese 5G Gear is Dangerous—and Probably Inevitable: NATO Center Report

Alliance members should look to mimic Britain, which created an entire government office to scrutinize Huawei’s products for security problems.

Misinformation Is Endangering India’s Election

The country’s political parties are spreading propaganda about their opponents to gain votes. It’s working.

What to Do When the Russian Government Wants to Blackmail You

Russian officials have a long history of using compromising material, or kompromat, as a weapon against political opponents.

Pentagon To Explore Potential of 5G — and Its Made-in-China Hazards

Planned experiments will test the emerging wireless technology, even as leaders fret publicly about supply-chain risks.

‘This is Not About Me and Google,’ Says Dunford, Who Will Meet Execs Next Week

Artificial intelligence businesses in China help an authoritarian government and erode America’s military advantage, the Joint Chiefs chairman said.

Cyber Threats Are Emerging Faster Than DHS Can Address Them, Secretary Says

The agency needs industry to help it “innovate while under attack,” according to Kirstjen Nielsen.

House VA Committee Looks into Trolls Targeting Veterans Groups

Someone’s spreading misinformation to veterans and their families and Congress wants to know who.

Top Navy Admiral Warns of Cyberattacks Against Brass

CNO says that’s why the service stopped publishing promotion lists in October.

China’s Cyber Prowess is Shaping How the Pentagon Buys

It's imperative for security to coincide with modernization, a Defense Department acquisition official said.