Cyber Adversaries

Report: State-Sponsored Hackers Are Getting Better at Hiding Their Identities

Security researchers also warn Iran might be gearing up to target U.S. companies with information warfare.

Agencies: We Have Enough Tech, We Need More Cyber Pros

A survey of federal IT professionals shows which attack vectors agencies are most worried about and what they say they need to defend their networks.

Former Official: Throwing More Bodies Into Cybersecurity Won’t Help

In fact, the focus on the cybersecurity workforce gap is leading to more insecurity and the need for more workforce, says a former FBI and intelligence official.

The Teams Who Test US Cyber Defenses Aren’t Being Tough Enough: Pentagon Report

Overworked trainers and penetration testers can’t properly simulate the worst real-world threats, leaving operators “overconfident.”

A Mission Assurance Strategy Built for 2020 (and Beyond)

Our connected reality presents massive challenges to military and commercial entities working to safeguard networks from growing threats.

America’s Misbegotten Cyber Strategy

The Trump administration’s National Cyber Strategy rests on a pair of convenient fictions.

Census is Preparing to Fight Social Media Misinformation Campaigns

Bad actors could use 2016 election interference tactics to suppress response rates in the 2020 count, said Deputy Director Ron Jarmin.

Justice Department Announces Indictments Against Huawei

U.S. officials say Chinese manufacturer flouted Iran sanctions, committed fraud, and stole robots.

The Shutdown is Over

And one lawmaker wants to make sure it never happens again.

Commission Wants to Know If China’s Smart Cities Are Smarter than Ours

The U.S.-China Commission wants to look at how Chinese smart cities development plans could affect U.S. economic and national security.

Agencies Have 10 Days to Review, Secure Critical IT Weakness

The Homeland Security Department’s cybersecurity office issued an emergency directive requiring agencies to secure their Domain Name System infrastructure.

National Intelligence Strategy Warns of Technological Threats to U.S.

Disruptive technologies will democratize capabilities previously available only to nation-states with plenty of resources.

The Chill of U.S.-Russia Relations Creeps Into Space

Bungled plans between the U.S. and Russia highlight how hot-and-cold international relations mess with space exploration.

Report: Iran Is Likely Setting Stage for International Phishing Campaign

Hackers have been methodically gaining access to domain name services that allow malware-laden emails to look like they come from legitimate organizations.

Rep. Kelly: Shutdown Hurts Government’s IT Workforce

The shutdown will have long-term consequences on federal agencies’ recruiting and retention efforts, Rep. Robin Kelly said.