Cyber Adversaries

Chinese Hackers Attacked Foreign Health Care, Military, Oil Networks as Coronavirus Hit China

In January, the ‘widespread’ assault targeted a vulnerability in virtual desktops, cloud computing, and network applications, FireEye announced.

Defense Secretary Says Teleworking Could Last Months

During a virtual town hall, Mark Esper warned employees to be vigilant for phishing attempts and practice good cyber hygiene.

NIST Offers 8 Ways Agencies Can Use Its Cybersecurity Framework

One approach involves getting a better sense of potential contractors’ cybersecurity posture.

FTC Warns of New Coronavirus-Oriented Scams

The agency has updated its list of hacking and other tactics that prey on the generous and the needy in times of crisis.

Trump Calls Out China’s COVID-19 Disinformation

Chinese diplomats and officials have been spreading a lie about the virus’ origin.

Thrift Savings Plan Wants Help Protecting Federal Employees’ Retirement From Outside Cyber Threats

The Federal Retirement Thrift Investment Board is working on a contract to help protect $611 billion in savings for some 6 million current and former feds.

Cybersecurity Must Be Embedded in Every Aspect of Government Technology

While cybersecurity has evolved, it has not kept pace with cyber threats that have become increasingly sophisticated.

Attorney General Prioritizes Prosecuting COVID-19 Scammers

William Barr directed federal attorneys to go after people behind phony cures and phishing schemes. 

Cyber Commission Will Recommend Creation of a Response and Recovery Fund

Resources should flow to the private sector in addition to state, local and tribal entities, according to the Cyberspace Solarium Commission.  

Key Defense Supplier Hit by Ransomware

The hackers also allegedly stole sensitive documents from Visser Precision, which makes parts for Lockheed, Boeing, and SpaceX.

CISA Officials See ‘No Malicious Activity’ During Super Tuesday

Subsequent information could change the analysis but the agency does not currently attribute technical hiccups in some states to interference.  

Senate Commerce Committee Is Cooking Up a Bill to Support Cyber Grand Challenges

Presidential advisers want their cybersecurity “moonshot” to become more than just another report gathering dust.

'Surfing Attacks' Could Let Hackers Read Your Texts

“We want to raise awareness of such a threat,” says Ning Zhang, assistant professor at the Washington University in St. Louis.