The Latest Updates on Technology and the Business of Government

NASA, SpaceX will Study Feasibility of Boosting Hubble Telescope Into Higher Orbit

The study will look at the possibility of moving Hubble into a more stable orbit, which would help extend the telescope’s life.

House Delays Shutdown Threat by 10 Weeks After Approving Stopgap Spending Bill

The measure now heads to Biden's desk, who is expected to sign it before midnight deadline.

NSA Employee Leaked Classified Cyber Intel, Charged with Espionage

Former NSA InfoSec Designer Jareh Sebastian Dalke was arrested by the FBI in Denver, Colorado on Wednesday as part of a sting operation.

Senate Confirms New White House Science and Tech Advisor in Historic Vote

Dr. Arati Prabhakar is the first woman, immigrant or person of color to serve as director of the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy.

Google’s Government Arm Names New Chief

The tech giant announced its new business unit in June.

Department of Transportation Investing $160 Million for Tech-Centric Projects

Two programs, SMART Grants and ATTAIN, will dole out millions over five years as the Biden administration plans a U.S. transportation overhaul.

White House Releases Holistic Digital Asset Regulatory Framework

Several agencies contributed to the new framework, as the Biden administration eyes a streamlined approach to regulating and benefitting from the volatile digital asset marketplace.

NASA, FCC Address Growing Issue of Orbital Debris

The agencies are respectively funding research to study this issue and proposing new rules to reduce debris in space.

OMB: New Acquisition Rule Coming for Vendors to Vouch for Their Software Security

Agencies are also allowed to accept to-do lists from vendors who need to keep working up to a point where they can self-attest their compliance with NIST guidance.

Lawmakers Ask National Archives to Certify Whether Trump Returned All Presidential Records

A Congressional committee expressed concern that former President Donald Trump may still possess presidential records at non-secure locations.

Whistleblower Explains How Twitter Easily Skirted FTC’s Data Security Enforcement

The former public official—and legendary hacker’s—decision to expose what he described as a disastrous security environment at the company has prompted an unlikely alliance in Congress.

NIH Injects $130M to Provide Quality Tools, Data for AI in Medicine

The funding comes from the National Institutes of Health’s Bridge2AI program to advance AI research, as well as ethical tools and standards.

SpaceX’s Starlink Petitions 'Grossly Unfair' Denial of $885M in Broadband Funding

The Federal Communications Commission rejected the bid, citing concerns that Starlink would not be able to meet the required speeds, which Starlink has since refuted.

NIST, Google Announce Chip R&D Partnership

The public-private sector collaboration will make industry standard chips available to smaller research entities to encourage semiconductor manufacturing.

Former Government Scientist Named Inaugural Director of New Health Innovation Agency

Dr. Renee Wegrzyn will lead the new agency––the Advanced Research Projects Agency for Health––aimed at advancing biomedical innovation.

U.S. Sanctions Iran—Under New Treasury Rules—for Attack on Albania

The new rules elaborate on what kinds of cyber activities warrant sanctions designation.

DHS Launches 'Largest Customer Experience Hiring Initiative’ with Hundreds of Technologist Positions

The agency’s recruitment initiative comes in response to President Joe Biden’s 2021 executive order seeking to streamline the “government-to-customer delivery process.”