AUDREY Watches Out for First Responders: An AI Case Study

AUDREY aims to use machine learning tools to improve situational awareness for first responders and supporting staff by tapping petabytes of data from multiple resources, and turning this data into actionable insights in real-time.

In an emergency, first responders can experience information overload. A new pilot project testing a voice-activated, human-like reasoning system, powered by artificial intelligence, aims to help. By enhancing situational awareness and sorting through mountains of data in mere seconds, the system will help first responders manage their critical workloads, aiding the responders in what they are most focused on — saving and protecting lives.

The system is the Assistant for Understanding Data through Reasoning, Extraction and Synthesis, or AUDREY, a cloud-based data processing platform that uses human-like reasoning to help first responders synthesize data in an emergency. The system connects with sensors on the first responder’s personal protective equipment and information provided by the internet of things through plugin tools.

Read the full case study below: