Rapid Prototyping: The Agile Creation of Solutions for Modern Defense & Intelligence

The interactive viewpoint "Rapid Prototyping: The Agile Creation of Solutions for Modern Defense & Intelligence" outlines Booz Allen Hamilton's redefinition of prototyping for federal agencies: Rapid Prototyping is an agile system, putting solutions for warfighting and intelligence quickly into the hands of users and operators, providing a good portion of needed capabilities upfront in the short term, and gradually upgrading functionality that is based upon continuous input from the field.

For federal military and intelligence agencies, traditional rapid prototyping has filled a minor role in the engineering and production of solutions for users and operators. Booz Allen's definition of Rapid Prototyping is a sharp change from traditional major development programs, which are historically inflexible, have long timelines, and are expensive. Unlike the traditional model, Rapid Prototyping will allow federal users and operators to quickly and cost-effectively obtain vital solutions to fulfill urgent missions, enabling them to rapidly respond to unpredictable emerging threats such as irregular warfare and international crime within the constraints of reduced fiscal resources.

Booz Allen Hamilton Engineering Services, LLC (BES) provides insights and answers in an interactive brief.

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