Emerging Tech

Veterans Affairs Launches Its First 5G-Enabled Hospital

Secretary Robert Wilkie said it was the first in the nation and one of the first in the world. 


Iowa’s Lesson: Political Parties Are Not as Good as Government Officials at Counting Votes

Most primaries are run by state and local governments. But caucuses are different—and Iowa shows how that can be a problem.

IT Modernization

CIA Issues Draft Solicitation for Next Step in Multibillion-Dollar Cloud Journey

The intelligence community will opt for multiple cloud service providers for its planned Commercial Cloud Enterprise contract. 

IT Modernization

Procurement Reporting Tool Is Moving to SAM But FPDS.gov Isn’t Going Anywhere

GSA is moving the central reporting function of the Federal Procurement Data System to beta.SAM while Treasury works to improve the quality of data reported through the site.

CIO Briefing

NSF Tech Leader Aims for a Data-Savvy, Innovation-Focused Workforce

Dorothy Aronson, the National Science Foundation’s dual-hatted chief information officer and chief data officer, discusses her role in shaping the data literacy of the agency’s workforce.


GSA Is Hiring a Contractor Team to Work on Login.gov

The single sign-on platform needs improved security, scalability and availability as the program pushes for broader use across government.

IT Modernization

Air Force Taps Google for IT Security Assessment

The move is part of the service’s push for an Enterprise IT-as-a-Service environment.

Emerging Tech

FAA Looking to Launch New Vehicle for Innovative IT Services

The agency is conducting market research ahead of rolling out the Information Technology Innovative Procurement for Strategic Sourcing vehicle.

Emerging Tech

FCC Approves $20 Billion Rural Broadband Funding Plan

While proponents heralded the fund as a major step to close the "rural digital divide," Democrats on the commission warned that many areas that need internet won't get help.

CIO Briefing

2020 IT Spending Outlook

The contracts and spending trends that will shape the next year of government contracting.


Agile for the Public Sector Is Closer Than You Think

As counter-intuitive as it seems, methodical planning, standardized processes and procedures and relentless communication are key to achieving agility.

CIO Briefing

USDA’s Chad Sheridan Says Goodbye to Government Service—For Now

After driving IT transformation and helping launch Farmers.gov, he’s heading to the private sector to work as a chief innovation officer.

IT Modernization

GSA Wants More Ideas To Stop Fake Commenters From Flooding Rulemaking Process

The General Services Administration took over management of the eRulemaking portal last year with a mandate to crack down on fraudulent commenting.

Emerging Tech

GSA Official: Agencies Should Build Testing Data and Environments Specifically for AI

Unless agencies start thinking differently, the security process will continue to stand in the way of new companies getting access to the real-world data required to develop artificial intelligence and machine learning tools.

CIO Briefing

Help Pick This Year’s Government All-Star Team

Nominations are open for the second annual Theodore Roosevelt Government Leadership Awards.

IT Modernization

Social Security Announces More Telework Cuts

The move comes after Congress directed the agency to reinstate telework in other offices within SSA.


Congress Passes Bill to Spur Veterans’ Participation in STEM Fields

The STEM workforce gap is real. Lawmakers say veterans are a key to help close it.