CIO Briefing

President Trump Signs Taxpayer First Act

The law will force the IRS to improve its customer experience while providing tools to move faster in hiring.

IT Modernization

Watchdog: Poor Oversight Put GSA’s $50B Telecom Transition Over Schedule, Over Budget

The agency hired contractors to help with a smooth transition but ended up spending lots of money for little movement.

IT Modernization

Digital Driver’s Licenses Could Become a Real Option in Some States

Several states have run pilots for digital driver’s licenses, which would allow residents to supplement plastic ID cards with smartphone apps. But as the technology becomes more of a reality, experts are worried about the privacy implications.

CIO Briefing

The Government’s Historic Spending Spree Continues

Spending data from the Government Accountability Office confirmed last year’s predicted spending spree and early fiscal 2019 data suggests historical spending levels continued.

IT Modernization

GSA Releases Draft Requirements For Governmentwide E-commerce Pilot

Interested vendors have until Aug. 1 to weigh in on the project, which is expected to officially kick off by the end of the year.

IT Modernization

Modernization Fund Program Isn’t Recouping Overhead Costs Fast Enough

The Technology Modernization Fund is incurring millions more in overhead costs than it is recouping in administrative fees.


Justice Department Launches API for Foreign Lobbyist Data

The new online portal offers the public easier access to documents filed under the Foreign Agents Registration Act, the law that put Paul Manafort in jail.

CIO Briefing

OMB Adds Customer Experience, Data Policy Updates to Annual Budget Guidance

The Office of Management and Budget released an update to Circular A-11, outlining how agencies should be thinking about their fiscal 2021 budget requests.

IT Modernization

Pennsylvania Becomes First State to Use Automated System to Expunge Criminal Records

After passing the country’s first ‘clean slate’ bill, Pennsylvania is debuting a system that will automatically clear the records of all who are eligible.

CIO Briefing

Former HUD Executive Indicted in Procurement Fraud Scheme

Eghbal “Eddie” Saffarinia, former assistant inspector general for IT, allegedly steered contracts to a friend’s company and failed to disclose cash payments.


Congress Passes Bill That Forces IRS to Revamp Taxpayer Experience

The bill passed the House and Senate earlier this month and would usher in major changes to the way IRS engages with millions of customers.

IT Modernization

Lawmakers: OMB ‘Skirting the Intent of the Law’ With New Data Center Policy

The administration’s shift in focus to optimization, rather than closures, is not what lawmakers envisioned when they passed FITARA.

IT Modernization

Shifting Priorities, Metrics Lead To Relatively Flat FITARA Grades

The latest scorecard showed agencies are making progress in key areas. But new metrics and a few backslides brought most grades back down.

IT Modernization

OMB Updates Data Center Optimization Initiative

The new policy bans agencies from budgeting resources toward new or expanded agency-owned data centers without permission from the Office of Management and Budget.

CIO Briefing

People-First Policies Will Help Close the Government’s Skills Gap

Human capital strategies should be baked into long-term strategic plans, a GAO executive said.

CIO Briefing

What's Next for Federal Customer Experience

Some agencies are putting themselves in the shoes of their customers and it's paying off.

IT Modernization

What the U.S. Medical System Can Learn From Estonia

Americans waste time and money filling out paperwork and repeating tests in the doctor’s office. A small Baltic nation has found a better way.

IT Modernization

Pentagon Targets August for JEDI Award

The Defense Department is making its source selection “disconnected” from Oracle’s pending court case.