This Tiny Device Could Keep Your Smart Home Safer

This device keeps an eye on your other smart devices.

While smart homes are not quite as ubiquitous as air conditioning yet, internet of things devices are becoming more common. One estimate from Gartner says there will be more than 8 billion connected devices in the internet of everything by the end of 2017. These smart devices can control and monitor every aspect of a user's house, from appliances in the kitchen to the locks on the door.

But when everything is connected, everything becomes vulnerable in a new way. And while you might think a smart fridge only leaves your leftovers vulnerable, any device on a network can become a pathway to more valuable tech, like your smartphone or laptop.

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To combat this, internet security company BullGuard has developed the Dojo. Shaped like a small rock, this device is designed to monitor activity on all connected devices and notify you if it detects any potential threats. The dock plugs into your Wi-Fi router and acts as a firewall. The whole system is controlled through a smartphone app.

The small pebble itself displays a series of color-coded security updates: green for good, yellow for suspicious activity and red for a threat that requires action. Once a threat is detected, the Dojo can automatically disconnect the compromised device.

The Dojo has only recently debuted, and likely isn't invincible, but if you're interested, it costs $200, for the hardware and first year of service.