Tech Industry Group Releases Artificial Intelligence Policy Guide

Laurent T/

The Information Technology Industry Council released guidance on how industry and government can work together to grow systems based on the human mind.

Artificial intelligence is already impacting society in big ways, but the tech sector wants to ensure the responsible growth of this emerging technology.

As part of this effort, the Information Technology Industry Council, which represents numerous information technology companies and government contractors, released a list of AI policy principles designed to act as a guide for a burgeoning new industry and government agencies interested in the technology.

In the policy guide, the tech industry commits to: promoting the responsible use and development of AI; supporting governments’ research and development to foster innovation through incentives and funding; and cultivating public-private partnerships to promote democratized access to AI and new workforce training models.

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“To ensure that we allow AI to flourish while guarding against unwanted impacts, our industry is committing to a set of principles to formalize our promise to responsible design of AI. These principles will evolve as AI evolves and will provide a compass for our approach,” said Dean Garfield, president and CEO of ITI, in a statement. “These principles are not just a vision of our path forward, they are a call to action for all of society to fully realize the smart, responsible growth of artificial intelligence. We look forward to working with lawmakers, academia, industry partners, and the general public on the exciting road ahead.”

ITI’s release was accompanied by statements from leading AI companies, including IBM, Microsoft, AMD and NCR. ITI suggests AI could add up to $13 trillion to the global economy by 2025.