Simple Ways to Improve Your Wi-Fi

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A connected home is a happy home.

Wi-Fi feels like an essential component of everyday life. Having a strong connection can determine whether that video conference call goes well or if you win the next round of your online game.

While a lot of what determines a good connection is out of your control (such as your service provider or where you live), there are a few things users can do to boost the connection they do have.

First make sure to keep your Wi-Fi router updated. Just like other gadgets, users should make sure they have downloaded the latest version of a router's firmware. This will help keep it secure and running well.

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Make sure to choose an optimal location within your home for your router. Solid objects like walls and furniture can dull the signal, so try to place it somewhere central so that as many areas of your house can access a connection. Additionally, the signal comes out of the router in a downward direction. So instead of flooding the ground with a strong Wi-Fi signal, move the router to a higher shelf or a kitchen counter to improve your connection.

Users should also make sure their router is outfitted with a password. While nothing is hack proof, a strong password makes things a lot more secure. And password protection also means that neighbors or passersby can't mooch off your signal to watch Netflix.

If at all possible, limit the number of devices on the network. There are some smart devices that don't need to be connected all the time. Let them take a break while not in use and so that you can use that extra bandwidth to download a movie.