Today Is the Real Memorial Day

Let’s call a halt to the annual ‘Rolling Thunder’ motorcycle rally.

I choose to honor my fallen Marine comrades with quiet reflection today, May 30, rather than Monday, as I still cannot get behind a solemn holiday transformed into a scheme to enrich retailers and the travel industry by the ludicrous 1968 Uniform Monday Holiday Act.

I’m in good company. Daniel Inouye, long-time Hawaii Senator and a WWII veteran of the legendary 442nd Regimental Combat Team, introduced legislation every year from 1987 until his death last year to return Memorial Day to its rightful place on the calendar.

While I’m being cranky, let’s call a halt to the annual “Rolling Thunder” motorcycle rally, which this year brought a half-million bikers and their roaring machines once again to Washington for the faux-Memorial Day.

It’s impossible to engage in quiet reflection with all that noise.