DISA would escape worst of sequestration

Robo-budget cuts could have modest effect agency’s on R&D funding.

DISA could face a relatively modest cut in its research and development budget. GovWin analyst Alex Rossino opined that “DISA will feel some cuts if sequestration becomes a reality, but these cuts will be minimal in comparison to cuts levied on other Defense agencies.” 

The Defense Information Systems Agency will not suffer much  from automatic budget cuts scheduled to take effect in January, as it operates like a business and charges customers for its services,  with payments made through the Defense Working Capital Fund, according to an analysis by the GovWin division of market research and consulting  firm Deltek.

GovWin said DISA expects to generate $6 billion in revenue from its customers in 2013, which means it can keep major Defensewide programs such as enterprise email and the Defense Information Systems Network humming along in case Congress does not come up with a plan to derail the automatic budget cuts.