Bing's Most Popular Cyber Job Titles (Out of 822)

Chief Information Security Officer and IT Security Engineer are among the most popular cybersecurity-related job titles, while Information Security Assurance Analyst is perhaps one of the less acceptable names, according to a Bing search engine analysis performed by security consultant Lenny Zeltser.

Zeltser writes on his blog that he conducted this non-scientific study after discovering on job-search sites that "there is a surprising number of title variations among people who work in the field that I call 'information security.'"

The Office of Personnel Management may want to look to the findings for creating attractive job titles for the tens of thousands of cyber warriors the government is trying to train and recruit.

Several titles shared the top spot on a list of 822 name variations:

• Chief Information Security Officer

• IT Security Engineer

• Information Assurance Analyst

• Security Systems Administrator

• Senior IT Security Consultant

OPM and federal contractors may want to stay away from these more esoteric names, each of which received less than 10 search engine hits:

• Senior Information Security Assurance Consultant

• Senior IT Security Operations Specialist

• Regional Information Security Analyst

• Principal Cyber Security Manager

• Chief Information Security Consultant

• Principal Information Assurance Officer

• Senior Information Security Risk Officer

• Information Security Assurance Analyst