IG: DHS (Mostly) Fixes Intelligence Systems Security

Homeland Security's internal investigators on Tuesday released a summary of a classified report on the department's intelligence systems that found security controls are mostly sufficient but some pre-existing problems remain.

"The department continues to maintain an effective enterprise-wide information security management program for its intelligence systems," the DHS Office of Inspector General said in a public statement, after a January audit of databases containing top-secret and sensitive intelligence. "Nonetheless, management oversight and operational issues remain regarding the effectiveness of the program."

The write-up identified "security issues" with an internal system -- the so-called classified local area network -- and a Coast Guard intelligence support system. The OIG also noted concerns about the security certification of the Coast Guard system, as well as security training for all intelligence personnel. The statement provided no further details on the concerns or issues mentioned.

The Inspector General put fourth four recommendations to improve the DHS intelligence division's security posture, all of which the department agreed with. The summary offered no information about the recommendations.