Cybersecurity Report
Updates on the Battle to Protect Data & Systems

Do We Need to ‘Disrupt’ the Cybersecurity Status Quo?

Next month marks 10 years since DHS first marked Cybersecurity Awareness Month. Is the cyber conversation stuck in 2004?

Will Obama's New Tech Squad Include Cyber Experts?

Digital Service team announcement didn’t mention privacy or security, while snoops continue targeting Internet users.

How Cyber Scary Is It Outside Today?

Nextgov's new iPhone app measures threat levels for every sector and dissects daily hacks.

Senate Defense Bill Unearths NSA ‘Sharkseer’ Program

Lawmakers want to drop $30 million on an obscure National Security Agency cybersecurity program.

Lawmakers Say Favored NSA Reform Bill Doesn’t Go Far Enough

House members want to insert an amendment barring the agency from exploiting zero day flaws.

FCC Employees, Is Your Internet Running Sluggish Today?

Some website operators are slowing FCC staff's access to their sites in protest of potential paid Internet fast lane regulations.

Feds: You Need to Fix Your TSP Passwords This Weekend

The federal retirement program website is changing its policy to stop giving identity thieves clues about how to crack employee passwords.

Intel Firm Links Ukraine Energy Debt With Potential Cyber Assault

Recorded Future drilled into a wide range of Web data to create a speculative timeline of potential network attacks.

Cybersecurity May Be Going the Way of Country Music

And many of us are starting to do the equivalent of changing the dial.

One Chart Shows Why You Shouldn’t Trust the Feds With Your Data

The number of reported information security incidents involving personally identifiable information has more than doubled in recent years.

Op-Ed: Agency IT Budgets Aren’t Keeping Pace with Malware Threat

If lawmakers don’t increase IT budgets, agencies will have to sacrifice some of their cybersecurity initiatives.

The Internet of Things Means More Things to Hack

It's great that more everyday items have online capabilities, but it's also a whole new world of cyber vulnerability.

Russia's Holding Back Cyber Capabilities in Ukraine

'If Russia really wanted to deal a devastating blow . . . they could have definitely done it.'

Four Federal Cyber Escapades to Watch For This Spring

Budget request hints at novel approaches cyber threats; details to come at congressional hearings.