OPM Awards $416M Contract for Protection Services to Hack Victims

The millions of federal employees and contractors using those services will see no disruption.

Which Country has the Best Cybersecurity? It Isn’t the U.S.

A study says the U.S. is above average when it comes to cybersecurity, but it’s not the best nation.

Lawmakers Propose a Rotational Program for Federal Cyber Workers

They also introduced bills to bolster counterterrorism efforts, stop robocallers and keep ZTE in check.

NASA Picks New Vendor For Renamed $2.9B IT Services Contract

The ACES contract is now NEST, with Leidos taking over the space agency’s central end user IT services contract.

How All-Knowing Smartphones Could Become the Pentagon’s Employee Access Cards

An algorithm will track how employees use their phones, how they walk and even where they go to constantly verify users’ identity.

Report: State-Sponsored Hackers Are Getting Better at Hiding Their Identities

Security researchers also warn Iran might be gearing up to target U.S. companies with information warfare.

Lawmakers Push for the State Department to Help Secure Foreign Elections

Sens. Amy Klobuchar and Dan Sullivan resurrected a bill that would allow the agency to share information on election threat with foreign countries.

Agencies: We Have Enough Tech, We Need More Cyber Pros

A survey of federal IT professionals shows which attack vectors agencies are most worried about and what they say they need to defend their networks.

Former Official: Throwing More Bodies Into Cybersecurity Won’t Help

In fact, the focus on the cybersecurity workforce gap is leading to more insecurity and the need for more workforce, says a former FBI and intelligence official.

The Teams Who Test US Cyber Defenses Aren’t Being Tough Enough: Pentagon Report

Overworked trainers and penetration testers can’t properly simulate the worst real-world threats, leaving operators “overconfident.”

GPO Has No Disaster Recovery Plan for Its Tech, Watchdog Says

If its IT infrastructure is taken offline, the agency could lose access to critical data.

The Navy Needs 2 Tons of Storage Devices Burned to Ash

Researchers at the Naval Surface Warfare Center have a lot of classified information stored on digital devices and issued a solicitation to literally watch it all burn.

A Mission Assurance Strategy Built for 2020 (and Beyond)

Our connected reality presents massive challenges to military and commercial entities working to safeguard networks from growing threats.

America’s Misbegotten Cyber Strategy

The Trump administration’s National Cyber Strategy rests on a pair of convenient fictions.

Lawmakers Are Taking Another Crack At Security Clearance Reform

And they’re demanding answers about Facebook’s missteps and the shutdown’s impact on cybersecurity.