Thus begins the odd era of John McAfee, political refugee

Software company founder John McAfee

Software company founder John McAfee Moises Castillo/AP

The former software entrepreneur is seeking political asylum in Guatemala.

This John McAfee saga sure is a nail-biter. Just when you thought the crazy bath salt aficionado couldn't get any more perplexing, McAfee revealed that he's seeking political asylum in Guatemala. He's hired a lawyer, too. And not just any lawyer. McAfee is being represented by former Guatemalan Attorney General Telésforo Guerra who also happens to be his girlfriend's uncle. The curious details just keep stacking up from there.

Let's start with McAfee's hasty and highly secretive exit from Belize, where he's wanted for questioning in the murder of fellow American ex-pat Gregory Faull. Four days ago, McAfee wrote on his blog that his "options are diminishing" -- though the post's title, "The closing trap," said as much -- before disappearing entirely, save one quick post about somebody poisoning his dog. At some point, a McAfee double carrying a North Korean passport evidently headed north through  Mexico, though that's not been confirmed. The 67-year-old former software entrepreneur resurfaced on Monday with two VICE journalists in tow. They didn't say where, but VICE accidentally included the GPS coordinates in the metadata of a photo the magazine posted online. They were in Guatemala and, according to the teaser that VICE just posted online, having a great time.

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