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A Look at Issues Facing Federal IT Workers

1 in 5 Employees Would Sell Their Work Passwords, Some for Less Than $100

This one worrying news for those concerned about organizational security

Pop Quiz: Which Navy N00bs Have a Gift for Stopping Hacks?

The proposed talent assessment would function not unlike an existing Defensewide exam that screens a recruit's knack for picking up foreign languages.

What Facebook’s ‘Lean In’ Guru Can Teach Troops

"If the U.S. military can get this right, other industries will follow," Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg said.

The War on Telework

The truth is, management reluctance against the use of telework has been around for decades, since Jack Nilles invented the program in the ‘70s.

Cracking Open Windows 10: Can Windows 10 Serve and Protect Government Users?

Moving from Windows 7, the last “traditional” operating system from Microsoft, to Windows 10 is not going to be as traumatic as previous Windows updates.

Federal CTO: Government Should Take an Active Role in Innovation

On Monday, Megan Smith talked White House digital innovation during the second annual LGBTQ Tech & Innovation Summit in Washington, D.C.

New HHS CTO Wants Employees to Devote Time to Passion Projects

In her first month as CTO, Susannah Fox proposed the department structure time for employee-driven creative projects in each operating division.

Why the Lawsuit Against OPM over the Massive Data Breach Faces an Uphill Battle

Demonstrating damages have been suffered will be the challenge, legal experts say.

Cyber Pay Equals Out at $112,000 in Government and Industry, Survey Says

Higher pay typically is not the deal breaker when information security professionals pass over military jobs for private sector positions.

Pentagon: US Cyber Reserve Is in the Works

The Defense Department is bringing in security reinforcements, as it contends with a cyber workforce shortage and growing Internet threat.

Who’s Got the Chops to Run a Transatlantic Cyberspy Cell?

A sustained British-American operation focused on threats to both countries’ networks would be unprecedented.

Obama Administration Aims to Create ‘Insider Threat’ Job Specialty to Plug Leaks

The relatively new discipline blends together the roles of counterintelligence analyst, human resources professional and information security professional.

Does the Government’s Mobility Program Go Far Enough to Protect Security and Privacy?

From checking email to editing presentations on the fly, more federal employees are using mobile devices as part of their job.