FERC Asks Energy Sector to Report Huawei, ZTE Usage

Amid fears over having to replace equipment, Energy official noted no set timeline for implementing next steps on a related executive order.

Emerging Tech

Agencies Should Consider the Pros and Cons of Artificial Intelligence

Officials pushed agencies to examine the trade-offs—both positive and negative—as they adopt emerging technologies. 


Audit: HUD Doesn’t Ensure Sensitive Data It Shares Is Secure

A Government Accountability Office pointed to high turnover rates for top privacy and IT security officials as a reason for the agency's poor performance.


On TikTok, the Trump Administration Is Adopting China’s Own Vision for the Internet

Until recently, the United States has been a staunch opponent of data localization laws.


Government Employees May Need to Update Threat Hunting Perspectives

As Congress considers expanding threat hunting programs into the private sector, a majority of federal workers surveyed last year didn’t seem to have a clue about such efforts within their own agencies.

Emerging Tech

Hurd, Kelly Introduce Resolution to Encourage Governmentwide Vision of Artificial Intelligence

The resolution urges lawmakers to pass legislation to encourage federal agencies to develop innovative artificial intelligence tools.

Emerging Tech

House Bill Proposes Millions to Build U.S. Quantum Network Infrastructure 

The legislation would establish an Energy Department-led “research, development and demonstration program.”

Emerging Tech

Program Under Defense Innovation Unit Is Launching a New Consortium

The Institute for Nascent Innovations will look to identify and solve unseen issues in emerging crises.


The Need for Unified Data Protection in the U.S.

Innovative businesses should be fighting to get federal privacy legislation to get the most out of data while simultaneously protecting customer information.


CISA Orders Immediate Action to Fix Vulnerability in Windows Directory

The agency has seen code designed to exploit the vulnerability in a system used to permit access to network resources.


Teens Want COVID-19 Advice that Gives Them Safe Ways to Socialize – Not Just Rules for What They Can’t Do

As the pandemic continues, public health messaging will have to help young people find ways to socialize safely and speak to them in their language and on their platforms.


Good Nutrition Can Contribute to Keeping COVID-19 and Other Diseases Away

Many Americans don’t consume nearly enough of the essential nutrients our bodies need to function properly.


Commerce Department to Bar TikTok, WeChat from U.S. App Stores

The Commerce Department announced a list of prohibitions meant to protect U.S. national security against the two Chinese-owned apps.


How Good Is Your Phishing Training? NIST Launched a Tool to Figure That Out.

Researchers are looking to pool more data from outside organizations to further refine it.


Trump Administration Appeals Block on Census Immigration Plan

Experts have been skeptical about the feasibility of the plan to identify people living here illegally.

CIO Briefing

Survey: More than Half the Tech Workforce Say Pandemic Hurting Career Progression

Networking opportunities during the COVID-19 pandemic have been at a minimum, and it’s negatively impacting the private-sector workforce.

Emerging Tech

Artificial Intelligence Commission Pushes New Programs to Recruit Tech-Savvy Talent into DOD

Adopting emerging technologies will also need a top-down push and restructured leadership, according to National Security Commission on Artificial Intelligence recommendations.