CIO Briefing

How Struggling Government Contractors Can Navigate Uncertain Times

Your management team will be measured on how you navigate this environment.

To Make the Most of Exoskeletons, Training Really Matters

With practice, wearers might forget they're getting help.

Experts Call for a U.S. National Technology Strategy as Competition Heats Up with China

There’s much to be considered as ‘what could be one of the most disruptive periods in human history’ approaches.

Can Facebook’s Smart Glasses Be Smart about Security and Privacy?

How can someone know if the wearer is looking at you or looking at personal information about you?

Trailblazing Women Who Broke into Engineering in the 1970s Reflect on What’s Changed – and What Hasn’t

Women who got their start in the male-dominated profession 40 years ago have advice for today’s newcomers in STEM.

Bill Would Block Contractors from Selling Data Harvested with AI Tools to Third Parties

A bipartisan proposal would also clarify that the government ultimately owns the data collected by federal contractors and their artificial intelligence systems. 

Russian Corruption Makes It Harder to Crack Down on Ransomware

Hackers who learned skills in government service are branching out “for their own personal enrichment,” Pentagon cyber leader says.

5 Ways to Keep Vaccine 'Cold Chain' Safe from Hackers

Health systems can prevent outsiders from tampering with the equipment that keeps vaccines ultra cold.

GAO Study Stresses Need for Steady Funding of Quantum Tech

A report highlights the risks and benefits of federal investment in quantum computing and other technologies, but stresses collaboration and steady funding. 

Why the Navy Is Pivoting to Implement Enterprisewide IT Services

An official provided details about the military branch’s plan to completely reshape its technology approach.

How Government Is Failing Public Servants

A new book argues that federal and state governments need to articulate a vision for training their workers for problem solving in the 21st century.

Justice Official Dangles Liability Protections to Encourage Private-Sector Breach Reports

Deputy Attorney General Lisa Monaco also promised to compensate whistleblowers who reveal federal contractors misrepresenting their cybersecurity posture.

State Department Wants to Disrupt Colombian Coca Harvest with Drones

Training for a team from the South American nation's police force is also needed.

GSA Wants a Real Person Associated With Every SAM Registration Before Fiscal Year’s End

Every organization doing business with the government will have to name a real person as account administrator and go through a three-point ID proofing process.

Multibillion-Dollar DHS Cloud Contract Protested

Another major government cloud contract is under protest from a losing bidder.