CIO Briefing

DISA Releases Initial Zero Trust Reference Architecture

The architecture will help the military “maintain information superiority on the digital battlefield,” according to the press release. 

The Cicadas Aren’t Coming. Billions are Already Here.

The 17-year cicadas are set to emerge from their underground lairs in multiple areas, with some cities and states finding creative ways to celebrate these large, noisy, clumsy insects.

Progressive Lawmakers Praise Biden’s Plan for Cybersecurity Labels

Reviews are in on the administration’s long-awaited executive order following several major hacking campaigns.

Lockheed, Air Force Software Factory Helps Field New Strike Planning Aid System

The contractor built new DevSecOps pipelines for Rogue Blue software factory in Nebraska.

Automatic Government

This Nextgov ebook examines how agencies employ automation and other variants of artificial intelligence software to improve service delivery and mission outcomes.

Cyber Response Bill Advances in Senate

The legislation includes a fund to help impacted organizations pay for remediation efforts.

Billions of Federal Dollars to Close Broadband Gaps are About to Start Flowing

The FCC has launched a program that provides $50 subsidies to help households pay internet bills and also approved rules for a $7 billion fund for libraries and schools.

Tweets Fuel Super Accurate Morning Traffic Prediction

Simple personal tweets like “Had a blast at the Pirates game!” or “This fender bender ahead is going to make me late,” can actually provide crucial information.

Biden Issues Executive Order to Bolster Nation’s Cybersecurity

The administration calls for a standardized federal playbook and review board for incident response, as well as changes to software procurement.

The Texas Republican Asking His Party to Just Stop

Former Representative Will Hurd is trying to make the Republican Party more competitive—and more moderate. Can he succeed?

Federal Agencies Say ‘No Evidence’ Hackers Affected Colonial’s Operational Technology 

A leading GOP lawmaker is pressuring CISA to release data on the agency’s pipeline cybersecurity initiative. 

DOD Not Prioritizing Development of GPS Alternatives, GAO Says

Despite known vulnerabilities with GPS tech, the department treats developing other position, navigation and timing technologies as an “afterthought,” officials said. 

Survey: 1 in 3 Experience Slow Service Engaging With Government

Despite progress, a recent survey indicates agencies still have room to improve service delivery.