CIO Briefing

Old Dog Training Methods Teach Robots New Tricks

Roboticists are still figuring out how robots can learn efficiently from their mistakes.

Federal Agencies Improve Customer Experience Scores But Still Lag Behind Private Sector

The coronavirus pandemic had little impact on agencies' scores, according to Forrester’s 2020 U.S. Federal Customer Experience Index.

The Future of Work Post-Pandemic: We’re Not Going Back

Suddenly, the conversation about telework has shifted from “do we have the right technologies in place?” to “do we have the right people policies and training in place?”

Union Sues and Democrats Introduce Bill to Block Trump Order Politicizing Civil Service

As opponents of the president’s effort to convert chunks of the federal workforce into at-will employees kick off their efforts to stop the initiative, the administration has signaled that agencies can push forward ahead of schedule.

Health Insurers Are Starting to Roll Back Coverage for Telehealth – Even Though Demand Is Way Up Due to COVID-19

Due to the financial strain on health care systems and insurers, the increase in telehealth use may be forced to shrink even though the public health crisis remains.

DOD’s First Agreement with Accreditation Body on Contractor Cybersecurity Nears End

Lead official grapples with the challenge of resourcing a federally funded research and development center to act as a gateway for the Pentagon’s certification program. 

Army G-6 Leader Outlines Priorities After Split from CIO

Deputy Chief of Staff Lt. Gen. John B. Morrison Jr. aims to use innovative hiring strategies to lure technical talent to his office.

Lawmaker Proposes Federal Institute of Technology and New Contracting Set-Aside

The 21st Century Jobs Package would create a federal agency for training the workforce of the future and incentivize federal contracting officials to buy from vendors who hire rural American workers.

Lockheed Seeks Commercial Tie-Ups to Chase 5G Work

CEO Taiclet wants a leading role as U.S. and allied militaries build out their next-gen mobile networks.

NIST-Led Quantum Consortium Launches Committee on National Security

The group will explore the on-the-rise technology’s implications within the crucial defense-driven realm.

NASA Confirms Water on Moon’s Sunlit Surface

It’s an important discovery that could impact future Moon missions.

Senators Urge Investigation After CBP Admits to Warrantless Cell Phone Surveillance

Customs and Border Protection, part of the Department of Homeland Security, told senators it uses a commercial database to conduct warrantless tracking of people inside the United States.

VA Launches New Electronic Health Record Platform Amid a Pandemic, Wildfires and Citywide Power Outages

Nature seemed to be against the Veterans Affairs Department’s new EHR system. But officials are reporting a “flawless” cutover for the first deployment.

Report Heralds Perfect Storm for Insider Threats in 2021

A leading analytics firm suggests investing in employee wellness.