How to Preview the Unreleased Version of Firefox


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The popular web browser gets a makeover.

Is it time for a browser update? 

Mozilla is currently developing the latest iteration of their browser, Firefox 57, but internet users can download a preview dubbed "Firefox Nightly" to see what they can expect. So whether you have been clinging to an outdated version of Internet Explorer or you're just a Firefox user excited for something new, there are some changes to look forward to.

The web browser features a more streamlined interface that includes new shortcut buttons in the URL bar. The new Firefox will also include a screenshot tool, which users can access through the scissors icon in the top right. In addition to taking screenshots, it also lets users save and share them.

The new version will be officially released this November, so features could be added or removed between now and then.

To learn more, check out the video below, from CNET