Trump Adds to GSA Leadership

Rena Schild/

The president appointed an associate administrator to the Office of Governmentwide Policy.

The General Services Administration today announced it has filled an important policymaking position.

President Donald Trump named Allison Fahrenkopf Brigati as the agency’s associate administrator for the Office of Governmentwide Policy.

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Brigati, who formerly served as the general counsel and director of strategic initiatives for the National Academy of Public Administration, will replace Giancarlo Brizzi, who previously held the role in acting capacity.

Brigati will lead policymaking guidance on the governmentwide management of technology, travel and transportation, property and various administrative services, meshing federal law, executive orders and regulatory information with potential mechanisms for reform.

Recently, the Office of Governmentwide Policy has coordinated collaborative efforts among federal agencies, private-sector companies and other stakeholders around tech-driven initiatives like the Data Center Optimization Initiative. According to its website, the collaborative effort helps improve “buy-in from policy customers.”