U.S. Digital Service Co-Founder To Stay On

Haley Van Dyck

Haley Van Dyck Flickr user nrkbeta

Haley Van Dyck is re-joining the agency.

A senior tech leader under the Obama administration is staying on under President Donald Trump, Politico reports.

Haley Van Dyck helped create the U.S. Digital Service, a White House tech trouble-shooting team that tackles large-scale federal IT projects. It was founded as a continuation of the team that helped salvage the HealthCare.gov rollout.

Though Van Dyck resigned toward the end of the Obama administration, she is reportedly re-joining USDS.

Until recently, it was unclear whether Trump's administration planned to maintain tech efforts including USDS. Trump's pick for White House chief digital officer, Gerrit Lansing, tweeted support for the group in January, stating: "FYI: USDS is here to stay with the new administration. Period."

But less than a month later, Lansing left the White House because he was unable to pass an FBI screening, Politico reported in February.

Nextgov has requested comment from Van Dyck and the White House.