A Ten Year Old Boy and the Navy Yard

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Mourning innocent days and the victims of the senseless shooting this Monday.

Monday’s attack on the Washington Navy Yard hit home. In 1986 and beyond it was a favorite destination for my then-ten-year-old son Brian and myself.

We would bike from my house on Capitol Hill and spend hours exploring it – a place filled with numerous sights to delight (and hopefully exhaust) a ten year old.

First stop always was the Marine Museum (now in Quantico) to instill in Brian the heritage of his Dad, followed by a walk along the waterfront and one of his favorite items, the World War I train car artillery piece. We would then explore the display ship Barry, permanently at rest in the Anacostia.

After that we would head off to tour the Navy Museum, marveling at the exhibits and the historic buildings that at one time were used to manufacture ropes and naval guns.

Those innocent days are long gone, and I mourn them and the victims of the senseless shooting this Monday.