Everything we now know about the Super Bowl power outage

Matt Slocum/AP

Conspiracies still remain about Sunday's power problem.

It's been nearly two days, and still nobody's quite sure what caused the Super Black Out of 2013 as an outside investigation takes over. But new evidence reveals there may have been early warning signs ignored by stadium officials, and other theories continue to boil over, from fans of the Saints to, you know, Batman. Here's the latest on every big conspiracy and real engineering answer as to why we all had to wait around for 34 minutes of Super Bowl action when the power went out at the Super Dome in New Orleans on Sunday.

Beyoncé certainly didn't do it

So, how about that halftime show? Pretty... electric, eh? It was so good we almost blacked out. If Destiny's Child played "Jumpin' Jumpin'," we would have blew a fuse. (Thaaat's enough.) More than a few people joked on Twitter that Beyonce and her unforgettable performance caused the second-half blackout. It was her hairdryer lol, said all the unfunny people at the same time. But then commentator Boomer Esiason gave the joke some roots in the real world: a radio producer told him the power went out in the Superdome a few times during halftime rehearsals. NFL commissioner Roger Goodell shot down the idea, though, because Beyoncé used her own power generators for the performance. "It was not on our power grid at all," said Doug Thornton, a rep for the company who runs the Superdome.

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