BYOD on the government’s dime?


Government may pay for part of federal employees’ monthly plans.

When the Obama administration releases its guidance instructing federal agencies on how to implement and promote “bring your own device” programs, there might be some money in it for federal employees.

The White House will include a model policy for reimbursing BYOD participants for a portion of their monthly service plans, according to Federal Times.

Bring your own device is a forthcoming, opt-in opportunity for federal employees to turn in their government-owned technology and instead use their personal devices for work-related calls and emails. The new policy would offer a tax-free stipend to account for the costs to the individual.

The Chief Information Officers Council, with the help of an advisory group, has developed the guidance based on case studies of BYOD implementation, such as state governments that currently employ the strategy.

Delaware, an example of a state using the program, told the council it has seen significant savings in allowing employees to use their own devices for work. To issue a state owned BlackBerry to staff cost the government $80 each month, compared to the $40 stipend the state has provided to BYOD participants, Federal Times reported.

The rate the federal government would pay its employees has not yet been determined. The government also would have to pay for personal devices to be updated to comply with existing security standards.

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