CIO Briefing

Trump Removes Acting Pentagon IG Slated to Lead Pandemic Oversight

Only current IGs may serve in the new position created by Congress to oversee the government's coronavirus relief effort.

No, 5G Radiation Doesn't Cause or Spread the Coronavirus. Saying It Does Is Destructive.

Many outlets and people have rushed to debunk this myth but myriad groups and public figures continue to perpetuate it.

How Companies, Governments and People Rise to the Conoravirus Challenge

Here are some good examples, both big and small, that make the world a little brighter while we combat coronavirus.

The Technology That Could Free America From Quarantine

Contact tracing is working in South Korea and Singapore. But it raises privacy issues.

Pentagon’s Cybersecurity Certification Program Still Working on Third-Party Auditors

Participants in a webinar plagued by technical difficulties still appear to be in denial about the end of self-verification.

Pentagon Seeks Innovative Commercial Tech to Address COVID-19 Pandemic

The Air Force solicitation outlines seven mission areas it’s looking to support, including citizen welfare.

White House Expands Coronavirus-Focused Supercomputing Consortium

Officials are putting high-performance computing resources to work across the country to help combat COVID-19.

The Pentagon Is Using Zoom. Is it Safe?

Experts say the ubiquitous videoconferencing tools bear some risk of accidentally exposing mundane details, and even inviting a new wave of deep fakes. But the risks can be managed.

Critical Update: How CISA Defines ‘Trust’ in the Trusted Internet Connection Policy

Nextgov offers a deep dive into TIC 3 and the purported conflict between CISA’s trust zones and zero-trust security.

Executive Order Lays Out Timelines for National Security Reviews of Foreign Telecom Providers

FCC Chairman says the agency will now act on a rulemaking it’s been sitting on since 2016.

Mid-Pandemic, CDC Looks to Upgrade Its Biosurveillance Database

The system collects data from hospitals, local public health departments, pharmacies and more to give researchers and officials a view of how diseases spread across the country.

Pentagon Attorneys Say Amazon Wants ‘Do-Over’ in JEDI Bid

The Defense Department defended its request for a four-month remand while it addresses issues raised by Amazon’s lawsuit over the multibillion-dollar cloud contract.

Preventing Remote Workers from Being Sitting Ducks

Unlike workers in other industries, most federal workers have largely conducted business within the four walls of their agency.

Pentagon Launches Coronavirus Mythbuster Site

The Defense Department created a web portal to fact-check bad information circulating about the coronavirus and the military’s response.

How One Federal Agency Took Care of Its Workers During the Yellow Fever Pandemic in the 1790s

The pandemic forced Americans to tackle some of the questions that have surfaced in the past week.

Where’s the Money? Keep an Eye on the CARES Act

With the passage of the $2.3 trillion economic relief bill, things are happening at breakneck speed.