CIO Briefing

GSA Joins Cryptocurrency Craze With First-Ever Bitcoin Auction

The General Services Administration got its hands on a share of Bitcoin and is putting it to auction later this month.

Debunking Three Myths about Hardware Security

The federal government should consider hardware-enabled security approaches.

9 Government Tech Trends That Mattered in 2020

The federal government turned to technology during an unprecedented 2020 marked by the COVID-19 pandemic.

White House Is Developing a Plan to Secure Industrial Control Systems

An upcoming executive order in response to the hacking campaign that involved SolarWinds will include standards to improve software transparency.

DHS Wants Help Restructuring Pay and Bonuses for Cybersecurity Pros

The agency is looking for a vendor to help lay out a plan to recruit and retain top talent needed to meet its cybersecurity missions.

Bill Aims to Counter China with International Technology Partnership

The bill aims to imbue democratic values in technologies like artificial intelligence and 5G.

HHS Aims to Accelerate Technologies for Combatting Lyme Disease

The often-overlooked illness radically disrupts hundreds of thousands of lives each year.

It’s Time for a Cybersecurity Quid Pro Quo

Require companies to disclose breaches to the government in exchange for legal liability limitations. 

Social Media Checks Can Bring Bias into Hiring

“One of the things that cropped up repeatedly was that cybervetting not only judges people’s behavior, but how that behavior is presented,” said a researcher.

Biden’s Pick For Defense Policy Chief Outlines Cyber Deterrence Position

In a contentious nomination hearing, Colin Kahl called for a whole-of-government approach to technology.

DHS Launching Voluntary COVID-19 Contact Tracing Program

Employees will be able to self-report a positive diagnosis through the ServiceNow help desk and official contact tracers will follow up with anyone who might have been exposed.

Key Elements Expected This Year for Pentagon’s Link-Everything Effort

A second NORTHCOM experiment aims to prove out various concepts for JADC2.

DARPA, In-Q-Tel to Help 150 Research Teams Take Tech from Labs to Production Over the Next Five Years

The expansion of the Embedded Entrepreneurship Initiative also marks its transition to a formalized program. 

FAA Names Five Host Airports to Test Counter-Drone Tech

The ultimate aim is to create national airport standards for drone detection and mitigation.