Report: How HHS Buried Information About the Affordable Care Act

A transparency group analyzed the removal and demotion of information related to Obamacare on a federal website.

Microsoft Scores Big Cloud Deal with Intel Community

The announcement could improve the company’s chances for the Defense Department’s JEDI competition.

The U.S. Government Wants to Start Charging for the Best Free Satellite Data on Earth

The government says the cost of sharing the data has grown as more people access it.

Google Updates Its Privacy Policy So It's Easier to Understand

The tech giant has a lot of explaining to do when it comes to their privacy language.

The Burnout Crisis in American Medicine

Are electronic medical records and demanding regulations contributing to a historic doctor shortage?

The Future of Meetings Could Include Facial Recognition and AI

Microsoft's new prototype device can track everything you say in a meeting.

Planned Food Stamp Recipients Database Sparks Hacking Fears

Critics say the database is unnecessarily expansive and would be a major draw for hackers.

U.S. Coast Guard Is Putting Cubesats Over the Arctic

As the icecap melts and activity rises in the high latitudes, the commandant says his force needs better situational awareness.

Census Gambles on Shorter Cybersecurity Testing for 2020 Count

Experts worry the rushed process could leave some security gaps unaddressed.

Driverless Car Startup Is Launching a Ride-Hailing Service in Texas was founded in late 2015 by a group of deep-learning experts at Stanford University.

Senate Wants More Cyber Intelligence

The Senate Sergeant at Arms is looking for an automated cyber intelligence platform that does it all.

Facebook Is Exploring a Subscription Fee

The company has looked into offering a service like this before.