Open Data: A Multiyear Data Odyssey


It's a long journey from a bunch of numbers to a consumer app.

When many discuss open data, they refer to the finished products of GPS and weather forecasts. But how does open data go from raw numbers to citizen service? Kevin Merritt, the founder and CEO of Socrata, is here to explain. 

"There's not just technology, but an entire customer success methodology which starts with a conceptual road map of taking your data on this multiyear journey," Merrit said. "In fact, it's such a long journey we call it a data odyssey."

Merritt emphasizes that the process really begins by surfacing the data into a portal or catalog, which creates the ability to search through and find meaningful data sets. Next steps include adding APIs to the data sets, making the data interactive, and introducing data visualizations. 

Learn about the rest of the data odyssey in the video from Socrata's Open Data TV below: 

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